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I came across this wonderful startup on Medium (highly recommend this site by the way) and an article by a truly incredible writer Rachel Swaby.

I think at one time or another we have all thought...

Wouldn't it be cool if we could just pay with our fingerprint?

PayTango has created a system that does just that, it links the cards in your wallet to your fingerprints. "Whether you're paying for your morning coffee, checking-in at the gym, checking-out at the grocery store, or adding a drink to your bar tab"... you can now pay with your fingerprint.

What I love about this product is that the sign-up process is part of your first experience with the product, and the virality of the concept would be undeniable on-premise.

You see this shiny new box when you are out at a bar, people would obviously start talking about it, wow you can pay with your fingerprint...I want to do that. How do I join?


Simple touch the finger pad, swipe you credit card and that card is now associated with your unique fingerprint.

(lucky there is a verification process that happens after that, otherwise losing your wallet and becoming the victim of identity theft would be easier than ever)

Got to love the potential of this product!

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The Biometric Technology that PayTango uses to read your fingerprint is something that Apple Insider happened to also cover today with a patent that Apple is looking to roll out in a later version of the iPhone.

Forget about that pesky pincode, just press your finger on the screen to unlock your phone! Your fingerprint could also potentially be incorporated into any number of apps - think online banking, and loyalty programs.

Start thinking about your apps now.

Image via  Apple Insider

Image via Apple Insider