In an ever-changing digital world, keeping your skills up to date is essential. Depending on what you want to learn, the variety of courses and pricing options can be endless. So I narrowed it down to a handful for you :)

If you are looking for a great all round entry point into entrepreneurship I would look no further than Draper University. I am affiliated with them but that is because I love what they do. Not only do you learn, you have the opportunity to pitch Silicon Valley investors and leave with pre-seed funding (US$100k).

I know of no other program that take a risk so early on founders.

1.Draper University

Leading Silicon Valley pre-accelerator that also offers online programming and the ability to pitch for pre-seed investment.

Startup Pre-Accelerator & Innovation Incubator Silicon Valley
Draper University educates students for real-world success, located in Silicon Valley. Learn from speakers such as Elon Musk and Bill Draper. Visit Today!


Life-changing skills.

Given the demand for these particular roles - I would say learning Growth Hacking at The Talent Institute or programming at Le Wagon would be a great option.

2. The Talent Institute (Melbourne)

Interested in learning Growth Hacking? This is where you go!

The Talent Institute - Home to Growth Hackers in Melbourne
Our Growth Hacking traineeship and tailor made programs have helped various types of business from startups to corporates in Melbourne.

3. Le Wagon (Melbourne)

Interested in learning to code? Check out Techcrunch's #1 Code Academy.

Coding Bootcamp Melbourne, Australia | Le Wagon
Join a full-time or part-time coding bootcamp in Le Wagon Melbourne. Check out our campus, products built and staff in Le Wagon Melbourne.

If you are looking for smaller short courses. I would highly recommend Skillshare. What I love about Skillshare is the fact that all of their courses are super short.

One of the best courses I consumed on Skillshare about productivity was only 23 mins in duration - You don't need all of the fluff!

Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week | Michael Karnjanaprakorn | Skillshare
How do you take control of your calendarβ€”and become a productivity superstar? Join Skillshare co-founder and CEO MichaelΒ Karnjanaprakorn as he shares his rules...

I hope this helped you level up πŸš€