Welcome to Melbourne.

We are glad you made it.

Photo by Benjamin Ashton / Unsplash

The mission is simple - Help Entrepreneurs on their journey ↗

This site was set up as a place for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to gather, learn, connect, and support one another. You will learn what's on, about local startups and great products to help you on your journey.

While the focus is on the local community, much like the city itself, we are open to the world and all are welcome.

You have the ability to join our community, our events, or work with us if you need help with everything from design, to acceleration and venture capital.

Our Values

We are Purpose Driven. You can make money and do good. We believe purpose and profit are mutually beneficial and achievable.

We Default to Yes. No matter how crazy the idea is we start from a place of support and positivity. How can we make it happen? What experiments can we run to validate the assumptions we are making?

We Believe in Creative Collaboration powered by diversity, inclusion and radical candor with the utmost respect. Working together can accelerate success.

We Think Global. We encourage big thinking and applaud entrepreneurs tackling big problems. While the idea might be hatched in Melbourne we need to think global day one.

Use #StartupMelb to say hello.