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Just a quick one to keep you inspired and on track.

First, a lot of you signed up for this newsletter because of the list of resources found on the homepage, so here a link to a post that has an incredibly in depth list of resources from Daily Tekk to help a little further.


Second, I just finished writing a post on my other blog for my startup Perceptar about a truly incredible post by the Founder of Everest about Startup Failure [which is quite long, so add it to Soundgecko (incredible Melbourne Startup) that turns any post into an audio file so you can listen to it whenever you like], their amazing app called Everest that helps you track and realise your dreams, and what it takes to put an impressive pitch deck together.

Lastly, for all of your in Melbourne we have two exceptional speakers coming up for Startup Grind Melbourne, the story of AngelCube from its founder Adrian Stone on Wednesday the 17th of July, and the Director of Engineering at Google flying down from Sydney on August 14th. Alan Noble has bought and sold several businesses and reports directly to Google co-founder Larry Page - should be a lot of fun!

Honestly, there nothing more inspiring and educational then hearing first hand the stories of successful entrepreneurs. Hope to see you there.