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It was a nice surprise to see myself on this list. I was very proud and immediately started posting it everywhere I could. It's even in the sidebar of my homepage: )


It's funny you know, sometimes I find it even hard to articulate what I do, it really depends on what I think you want to hear. I have so many things going on, I can't remember half of the shit I am doing.

I am an importer, I am working on my app Perceptar, why do you have DreamPushers on the banner? Well I do that too! : )  And that is just the half of it. I am not trying to brag, in fact, quite the opposite - 75% of what I do, does not make any money!

Wow, moment of clarity, must be closer to 80 - 80/20 rule.

This site doesn't make any money.

It is really not a good thing- I constantly sit there and try and think of projects I should give up so I can focus on what matters and what makes money, but I always come up with a reason while that one will pan out. I just leave a few in limbo because I like the domain or brand I created with the plans to come back to it later.

More times than not... I guess I am an opportunist than visionary as Everest puts it.

Then I heard the term "parallel entrepreneur", which could be a bullshit excuse to work on a number of projects at once - but that sounds fine to me, so I am adopting it!

So that is me - Chris Joannou - Parallel entrepreneur. Hang on a second while I add it to about twenty facebook fanpages and a dozen twitter pages.

So my advice...do as I say not as I do

Pick one project and stick with it till its a massive success.

Focus all your energy like a laser on the big idea.

The projects that work for me and make money have a routine, a structure. It is a slow and steady process. Stay focused and things will come to fruition. Do not be confused or misguided by the pace of our digital lives and rate media consumption. Where startups seem to go from zero to $1B over night - there is always a back story, there is no short cut to success.

Work hard and stay focused.