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*Article I wrote for Startup Grind.

It was very enlightening for me to host an event from the other side of the table as Mark Suster would call it. To date everyone I had interviewed was either a Founder or CEO, but tonight we welcomed to the stage Jordan Green the President of Melbourne Angels.

He talked inadvertently about a generosity that hadn’t quite clicked until now – he spoke of Angels.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs we are so focused on what we are doing, that we forget to see the bigger picture, perhaps so focused on raising money that we forget to acknowledge everything that is tied to that cash from an investor perspective.

I think right or wrong most of us have this mentality that –  if I need to go out there and raise funds, if somebody knocks me back, I will remain strong and move to the next investor until I reach my goal. In fact any investor that knocks me back will regret their decision, they missed out on a big opportunity with me.

Listening to Jordan I was preview to new perspective, here was a man willing to give up his time, hand over a considerable amount of money to someone he barely knows and likely lose his money!

Now that is a tough gig.

A man that was willing to give up a holiday with family, buy himself a new car, or make any number of sacrifices to help you realize your vision. Quite amazing don’t you think?

So while you are focused on your mission, don’t lose sight of the human element behind the money, making and recognising this connection early on could help you secure what you are after in the end, in any case.

Enjoy the show!