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Leverage Creative Assets for Growth with Envato

Leverage Creative Assets for Growth with Envato

A quick-fire round (10 minute interview) with Envato's General Manager - Ben Chan.

Envato is the world's largest creative ecosystem and proudly founded in Melbourne. It is also one of my personal favourite startups, and let me explain why (even though Ben will also share the benefit of their range to startups).

Envato has a number of websites including Themeforest, Audio Jungle, and Videohive that has now been merged under 'Envato Market' flagship.

The market has some of the best digital assets any startup can utilise for a very small fee. If I am looking to validate a concept, I can patch together videos from videohive, download a suitable beat to bring it to life, and source an animator to collate it - taking that marketing video I can then download a wordpress theme for around $40, embed the video and run a quick facebook or google adwords campaign to see what kind of reaction I receive before proceeding.

Doing everything for a few hundred dollars if not less.

So that is why I love Envato! Enjoy the interview.