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8 Facebook groups founders need to join!

8 Facebook groups founders need to join!

Lately, I have been finding myself more often then not getting the most valuable content for my business from facebook groups, so much so that we recently set up our own group.

Traditionally businesses would operate with a Facebook page, but communications on a page were essentially an old form of communication - broadcasting.

Now there is nothing wrong with that, in fact, sometimes you may just love a product or brand and just want to hear what they are up to.

You don't want to get involved.

You have nothing to say

You do not want to contribute.

You just want to consume media.

That is broadcasting...broadcasting is a sit-back medium.

The flip side is a group, in this case - a facebook group, which encourages two-way communication, creating valuable conversations by community members that have now been empowered well beyond commenting on other people's posts.

So I have put together a collection of the groups I am finding super helpful at the moment and I hope to do a great job of serving the local community with ours.

1) Startup Melbourne - Ours...enough said! :)

For the latest in local startups, events, and products - join our group.

2) Stacking growth

Serial Entrepreneur and famous growth hacker Justin Wu is behind #2 and #3 on our list. He recently just started these two groups and they both have over 1000 members each already - expect these groups to explode. Join here

3) All things social media

As above only social media focused group - Join here

4) BAMF - Badass Marketers and Founders

Former growth evangelist at Australian startup Autopilot has a major loyal following with a number incredible contributors, invaluable content - Join here

5) Growth Hackers Australia

Australia's own growth hacking focused group lead by Dan Siepen - Join here

6) Traffic and Copy

Guys from the U.S. covering Growth Hacking, Copywriting and Entrepreneurship - Join here

7) CMX hub

This is the world's number one group on all things community, and every startup should be thinking about how best to serve their community - Join here

8) Sydney Startups

Australia's largest Facebook group related to startups - Join here

And that's a wrap.

Please feel free to comment with your own favourite groups here or in our group! :)