This major move to co-working has seen several players try their hand at opening a new space - everything from co-working spaces that have a particular niche, ie. hardware, creative, or fintech focused through to global players like wework setting up shop in Melbourne and Sydney. And why not? Co-working is a brilliant way to not only 'get out of the house' but more importantly a way to connect with other entrepreneurs on a similar journey, removing a lot of the isolation that can occur and replacing it with a supportive community going through for the most part similar hardships.

It is also a great way to bounce ideas, to network, and talk about what is working and not working or fuckups as it is now affectionately referred to. The move from guarded ideas to openly talking about failure as just something that happens to us along the way is all happening across the Australian ecosystem and what a wonderful thing it is to see.

Co-working spaces are such an integral part of the entrepreneurs life that at least for me it becomes a destination I must seek out when I am travelling...connecting with entrepreneurs in Sinagpore or Vietnam is as simple as finding the local co-working space, and once again the comradery can begin so we can share stories or seek feedback on our products.

Twospace, a Sydney based startup that challenges you to 'office differently' is already turning co-working on its head, the familiarity is certainly there, but the location becomes something much more interesting.

Twospace is sucessfully turning restaurants and bars (that would otherwise go unused during the day) into co-working spaces! Think about that for a minute, what a game-changer it is to a relatively new industry. The restaurant I like to take my wife to, because it has a great view of the harbour or the city, can now be where I work during the day. It could be a nice restaurant around the corner or a pub with a rooftop bar that is never utilised!

Twospace: Havana Beach Manly

Twospace: Havana Beach Manly

Twospace is already filling venues so successfully that some spaces are now opening the kitchen at lunch to feed all these new patrons!

I had a chance to sit down with Tashi Dorjee, the founder of Twospace on the day of their Melbourne launch to hear about how they got started and  their ambitious plans both in Melbourne and across Asia.