Stephanie Arrowsmith is a social entrepreneur who lives a very rich and purposeful life. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Stephanie attended school and university in Perth, Western Australia. She had a passion for travel from a very early age and this saw her head to Europe and the US to continue her studies in public health and intern in the field of social enterprise. Stephanie found the idea of creating sustainable business models to solve humanity's problems to be incredibly fulfilling. Not long after, she returned back to her original home in Jakarta and has been working tirelessly to support and grow social enterprise within Indonesia’s vast and dynamic economy.

Stephanie has recently co-founded Impact Hub Jakarta, that is part of a global chain of co-working spaces built for the purpose of connecting and supporting local social entrepreneurs in order to bring about lasting societal change. She also founded the Vision Strategy Storytelling Company that is aimed at helping entrepreneurs articulate their vision and spread their message to the outside world.

Stephanie shares her insights of the incredible social entrepreneurship space, her travels around the world as a digital nomad and how we Australians can get involved in the booming Indonesian social economy!