You may have heard the buzz recently about Deloitte, Compass and Pollenizer’s 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem survey. This has come about  following the success of Deloitte’s Silicon Beach report and the 2012 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, which provided the world’s first data-driven ranking of the World’s Top 20 Startup Ecosystems.

Deloitte are partnering with the Compass & Pollenizer to provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Australian start up Ecosytem benchmarked against the world’s 20 most important startup ecosystems. The 2015 Startup Ecosystem Report is a great platform to promote our Australian ecosystem on a global scale and is expected to be published in May of 2015.

In order to maximise the outcome of this survey and accelerate the growth of startups in Australia, we are inviting all Startup Grind and Startup Melbourne members to participate in the survey.

For the past decade or more, we have seen endless startups fail and succeed. Think of the amazing stories behind Salesforce, Google and Kickstarter — that built new industries, created tens of thousands of jobs and transformed society or our local Australian start up success stories like Atlassian, Bigcommerce, 99 Designs and Siteminder to name a few.

What if that  success rate could be increased by even a small percent? How much could society benefit if 1% more startups succeeded? What about 2%? If the code could be cracked on what factors led to more favourable outcomes, could we actually help maximize success rates?

Come have your say and help shape the startup’s of tomorrow.