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More about Pitch Club Melbourne

Come to Pitch Club next Thursday to hear about Business Angels and Australian innovative products and services pitched by passionate business owners. Initial line up includes:

* http://www.lightenupnow.com.au, a health portal, * http://www.halfateaspoon.com, a water conservation business, * http://www.eco-switch.com.au an energy saving device, * http://www.lazypatch.com, innovative duvet suits, * http://www.strictlytickets.com.au, a mobile ticketing system * http://www.whatsonsale.com.au, an online retail hub, * http://www.stonefitness.com.au, a fitness portal.

Also hear about the enterprise social networking platform io4.biz, a new skills learning business and a new herbal remedy and drinks business.

Pass it on to anyone in your network who might be interested to hear about businesses playing in these spaces.

Book your tickets at http://www.pitchclub.com. Group and students tickets available.

Pitch Club will be at Life.lab, Docklands, Melbourne, next Thursday 25th June from 5PM, 6PM event sart, food and drinks included.