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Never be negative, get a mastermind

If you have read my posting No Immigration for Entrepreneurs you may have noticed that negative, disappointed vibe. Over at Thought Leaders Central Sean Richardson pointed out, that complaining won't help much in the current situation. It could even be harmful, because who want's to help someone who is complaining and sounds like a negative person in general? Positive people like to to surround them self with other positive people. So I should have looked up the "Favorite Quotes" section on my own Facebook profile. One of the quotes says: "There are no statues erected to critics!"

In my rage I was working against my own knowledge. But nobody is perfect and that's where the second message of this posting comes to play:

It showed me how important it is to have a mastermind or "peer group". From time to time you just need someone to call you on your BS!

So what's next? If I can get the right job, I'll commit myself to that new challenge. If not I will go back to Austria and spend some time with Family and Friends. Then Asia will be the most likely step - right into the middle of the buzz :-)