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Who accepts my bet?

So here I am, 150k 120k in debt from my last business in Europe, have quit the J.O.B. to start a business again, don’t own anything of value and can barely live from the infamous 3F investors: Family, Friends and Fools ;-) (note the smiley after the word “Fools”. I would never describe any of my investors as fool. The 3Fs are tongue in cheek saying under entrepreneurs). I am also not Australian citizen or permanent resident (which is one of my goals though, I love Australia!). So currently I have to beg for a new visa from outside the country every 3 months. Incorporating a business and dealing with banks is also a real challenge with that status. To add a little hardship, I don’t have Medicare but need some pretty expensive medication at the moment (a thing to sort out; can anybody recommend a good natural/Chinese healer?). Despite all odds, or because of them, I am having the best time of my life proving that it is not a question IF, but only a question of HOW to solve those challenges.

And here is my pitch:

I’ll accept any bet upwards from $1k against that I’ll be an AUD multimillionaire in terms of net worth within 5 years.

You have to give me the money now. If I loose, I’ll have to pay back 10 times the amount (I never default on personal liabilities, that’s a lifetime obligation!).

If I win, I keep the money. But as little thank-you, I will mentor/include you into my mastermind group for lifetime. Since I have made it to a multimillionaire then, this should be of some value.

So regardless who wins the bet, at the end you will always win: Either 1000% of the money or a millionaire mentor as return of investment.

Who accepts the bet? Meet me and I’ll explain you my 5 year plan…


Now it seams that I have delivered the message the wrong way for some individuals. They just read “I promise 10x your money back” and think instantly that this must be a scam. I mean everyone who writes something about such returns on the internet must be a con man, right? Well if you think that way, it’s your problem because I am not forcing or seducing anyone to anything. Or have you seen a PayPal “send money here” button?

Those who are more interested in the person behind that bet will read the text more carefully and may discover that it is not so much about the money, but a way to publicly declare financial goals so that there is no way back into mediocrity. For all those who think those millions are my only goal in life, I have again the same message: “I don’t care what you think!”. I care about actions and the people I am in contact with :)