About #StartupMelb

The Mission: Empowering Entrepreneurs in the World's Greatest City

Collaboration - Together we can help each other succeed and challenge each other to set a new community standard.

Education - A focus on validated entrepreneurship, and mentor based learning to improve overall startup success rate.

Inspiration - Learning from each other and the best to be inspired and to celebrate local success stories.

Startup Melbourne is an organisation focused on events (designed to help connect the business community) and practical business education geared at enhancing the quality of local entrepreneurship.

We cross promote a number of key events without bias to sponsorship or politics based on best in class in each category and act a resource /base camp to entrepreneurs looking to get started, grow or give back to this wonderful city and we promote practical educational programmes that help create a well-rounded entrepreneur, inspire them and give them the tools to ultimately see success.

Our team comprises of world-class entrepreneurs, and cross-city community leaders that have a genuine passion for helping entrepreneurs and growing a sustainable startup ecosystem.