In much the same way that there is a business model canvas and a value proposition canvas, there is also a canvas for partnerships.

I recently came across this framework and thought it was certainly worth sharing.

Startups should be thinking about partnerships for growth and ensuring any partnership is 'win-win', is often difficult to do.

Enter the the partnership design canvas - which offers a nice framework for partners to understand what value they can bring to the table and how it can be exchanged or connected to create new value.

The problem

“few companies in our experience take the time to articulate their own business model. Fewer have any clear idea about the business models of their external relationships.” - Henry Chesbrough

via Bart Doorneweert

So this model also becomes a great exercise in being able to communicate your own value and what you can offer as potential partner.

If you would like to take it one step further check out partnership design at MIT and their Partnership co-design toolkit

P.ACT: Partnership Co-Design Toolkit | MIT D-Lab