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The Startup world is a little bit different than any other, and unfortunately its many facets are not covered in any university business degree.

Add to this complex structure of venture capital deals in the U.S. and it is not hard to see that a new type of education is needed to lead effectively in the new tech world.

You need to understand how to take your idea, execute it, and know what story to piece together for potential investors.

You need to know your customer.

Sure there is a number of blogs out there, and talented entrepreneurs that have gone before us and told the story of their journey, but the information is fragmented and overwhelming. This is why I love this program.

The Startup Leadership Program is a global leadership development program for founders and CEOs of early stage ventures and is now looking at applicants for its 2013 course.

I am highlighting it because it  has has an outstanding curriculum mixed with practical education and will likely be participating in it.

Modules include:

  • Pitch & Business Plan Evaluations
  • Business Plan & Business Model Canvas
  • Financial Models
  • Lean Startup Strategy & Customer Development
  • Doing Deals with Corporations
  • Meet the Investors

They also have some cool simulations / competitions around negotiating with venture capital firms and term sheets.

If you are interesting in taking your startup to the next level, or more interested about the venture deal side of things as I am, this is definitely worth checking out!