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We had the fortune and the pleasure to sit down with Patrick Llewellyn from 99designs, CEO of the worlds premier design marketplace.

As with all Startup Grind events it is custom to listen to the story of the entrepreneur and their company, but tonight was a little different, you see instead Patrick wanted to take over our customary introduction. Usually we welcome the speaker to the floor but tonight Patrick shared the story of our relationship with 99designs.

You see our founders actually met on 99designs, without 99designs you would not be reading this article!

They have a special place in our hearts, and vice Versa. 99designs was founded in Melbourne, Australia and as the local chapter we are proud to showcase a company that needs no introduction, nevertheless ... this is a story about a company that sprouted from the forums of Sitepoint (Flippa, Learnable), it is a story about knowing your customer, identifying their behavior and acting on it. In this case watching the behavior of their customers lead to birth of what would become the largest design marketplace in the world.

Enjoy the show!