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I am currently reading (well...listening)  Manage your day to day by the guys at Behance.

I love Behance products because as a creative person I find it difficult to focus my energy on a single project at a time and they address problems like Making Ideas Happen with advice is practical and easy to implement and online projects like Action Method that help you manage and prioritise your tasks.

In their new book 'Manage your day to day' a collection of entrepreneurs and experts talk about the avenues they use to focus in a world where we are bombarded with information. To focus on being pro-active rather than reactive in a world where we are always connected.

I particularly enjoy the arguments around why 'email' is detrimental to productivity in many ways.


Ask yourself these questions.. With every spare moment do you check your phone? Are you constantly checking email? Composing email? Responding to email? Checking social media? Or any other number of distractions?

While constantly attending to these mundane or trivial tasks, your main goals/tasks are set to the side, and the shift in focus inevitably delays the time it takes to reach real milestones, steps that are set up to achieve the big picture...to accomplish your dreams!

At a minimum, as a result of reading this book -  I have decided to limit emails to a set time during the day, and I suggest you do the same.

The world will not fall apart if you do not get back to them for a few hours. Make sure you allow yourself time to work on what really matters each day, because only with focus can you make real progress, both in life and in work.