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This is nifty little tool from Harvard Business School that allows you to craft a pitch for your Startup in minutes.

I was reminded of it tonight when I was thinking about perfecting my own pitch.

I remember meeting a big name investor backstage at Startup Grind 2013, and not having much to say, when I was asked what I was working on.  I did not do a good job of articulating anything really - I'm usually working on a couple of things, so sometimes I don't know which one to pull out. It was then, as I noticed how indifferent his reaction and expression was, that... you are always pitching. Any opportunity was missed.

So always have that pitch ready to go.

Every time you meet someone you are selling yourself, your business.

So even if it is not a formal sit down, do not be fooled into thinking that you are not making an impression, because the next time you are actually in front of these people to sell your product - they will remember that you were sharp or in this instance... not on the ball.

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